It is with a very heavy heart that I have submitted my resignation to the Labour Party. My dear friend & mentor Jo Lawson has also left.

Jo & I have had long-standing disagreements with the national leadership over the very disappointing positions on Palestine and arms sales to various regimes across the Middle East.

My own red lines have been crossed but I still have a huge amount of respect for Labour figures who have repeatedly called for a ceasefire. I encouraged them all to echo my calls for sanctions and boycotts.

Once again, let me reiterate that intimidation and bullying of any elected public servant is wrong and I will always stand against anti-Semitism and islamaphobia. I appeal to all citizens please do not give existing left wing Labour politicians a hard time as so many of my friends who remain in the party are trying to put pressure from within. Let us be respectful and intelligent in the way we make our case.

I call upon all Labour councillors & members of Parliament to encourage the leader of the opposition to further oppose the morally bankrupt Tory Government position on the war crimes taking place on the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The Prime Minister is indirectly supporting the far right extremist government in Tel Aviv. I urge Sir Kier to embrace proper democratic socialist Labour values and oppose Netanyahu & all human rights abusers with action not just words.

The de facto Prime Minister in waiting, must do more to prevent the ethnic cleansing that is taking place in Gaza right now. Sir Kier come back to humanity! You’re better then this!

Ceasefire now!

Sanctions now!

For God’s sake listen to your trade unions & your membership who also say ceasefire now!

Solidarity with the PLO, Jewish Voice for Peace Palestine in the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK &  Na’amod

Imran Safdar

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