Resignation statement – Cllr Jessie Hoskin, Stroud

Sunday 15 October 2023

I am horrified by the loss of life in Israel and Palestine.

Two million Palestinians in Gaza, who had nothing to do with Hamas’ actions, should not be punished collectively for it. We are witnessing atrocities. All targeting of civilian life should be condemned.

I have not had the support of other Stroud District Labour Councillors in unequivocally distancing myself from comments made by Keir Starmer and senior Shadow Ministers who have supported war crimes.

The Labour Party is no longer consistent with the values of human dignity, equality, a world where everyone is safe and has what they need to thrive that I believe in and will continue to organise for in other aeras of my work. 

I am today resigning from the Labour Party.

October 15, 2023

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